The Oratory of St. Philip Neri  ( C.O .)
" Oratorians of the Most Holy Blood"

The Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in Aufhausen, has emerged from the community of the "Brothers of the Most Holy Blood" (FSS). They are involved in pastoral work with the "Servants of the Most Holy Blood" (SAS) and together, they supervise the "Circle of Friends of the Spiritual Family of the Most Holy Blood" (CSS), also known as the "Secular Oratory". The Sisters, Brothers and their Circle of Friends form a spiritual family in the service of the Catholic Church.

Just as St. Joseph fulfilled the will of God in protecting Mary in her maternal task, in supporting and in taking the place of father for the maturing Jesus, so do we want to serve in the evangelization of the Church and of the world. In renouncing one's own physical paternity, we want to help ensure that as many fatherless people as possible can experience at least a glimmer of God's fatherly love.

We revere St. Joseph, especially as a source of noble sentiment and in his readiness in service and fidelity to the will of God. The carpenter from Nazareth helps us to respect and diligently carry out every form of work, giving God the glory. We trust in his special protection and looking always to him, in our experience with solitude and in finding the correct manner in our work with our Sisters and with all women.