Servants of the Most Holy Blood SAS

Following the example of Mary Mother of God we serve particularly through the gift of spiritual motherhood.

In the light of faith, we strive to perceive and respect the presence of Jesus Christ in every person, especially the suffering, the needy, the addicts, the burdened…

The spirituality of the Blood of Christ is for us a special source  of reconciliation, healing and deliverance to which we want to lead others.

We want to make Mary “present” and in this way contribute to the strengthening of the family spirit in the Church.

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Oratorians of St. Philipp Neri CO

The Oratorians of Aufhausen work closely with the Community of the Servants of the Most Holy Blood. The adoration of the Blood of Christ strengthens them in the apostolate of St. Philipp Neri.

Like St. Joseph has fulfilled the will of God to protect Mary in her maternal task, support and to take the place of the father for the adolescent Jesus, so we want to serve in the evangelization of the Church and of the world. In renouncing one's own natural paternity, we want to help ensure that as many fatherless people as possible can learn at least a glimmer of God's fatherly love.

Circle of Friends of the Spiritual Family of the Most Holy Blood CSS

for adults                – Supporting Members 
                                  – Committed Members
for children              – “Little Friends of Jesus”
for young youth      – “Friends of Mary”
for Young Adults    – “Friends of St. Joseph”

Friendship with Christ encourages the members of the Circle of friends to participate in the mission of the Sisters and of the Oratorians. They are a bridge between the religious houses and the “world”. Family life, loneliness and sickness, work and vacation… all of these are opportunities to make present and to strengthen our common mission in the Church and in the world, through prayer, sacrifice and collaboration.